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1787: The U.S. Constitution is signed, ratified in 1788, and is effective March 4, 1789.

1791: The Bill of Rights is ratified.


1868: The Hicklin test (Regina v. Hicklin) more here.

1873: The Comstock Act (First anti-obscenity federal law passed in the U.S.A.)               more here.


1917: The Espionage Act.

1919: Schenk v. United States (The clear and present danger test) more here.


1920: The 14th Amendment (guarantees women's suffrage).

1927: Whitney v. more here.


1931: Near v. more here.

1931: Melvin v. Reid (The Red Kimono/Kimona case).

1934: The Communication Act of 1934.


1942: Chaplinsky v. New more here.

1945: World War Two comes to an end.


1951: Feiner v. New more here.


1964: New York Times v. Sullivan (The actual malice test) more here.

1967: Thurgood Marshall appointed first Black Justice to the SCOTUS.

1968: United States v. O'Brien (The O'Brien test) more here.


1971: New York Times v. United States (The Pentagon Papers Case) more          here.

1973: Miller v. more here.

1976: Nebraska Press Association v. more here.


1980: Central Hudson v. New York Public Service Commission (Commercial          speech) more here.

1981: Sandra Day O'Connor appointed first woman justice to the SCOTUS.

1988: Hustler Magazine v. more here.

1988: Hazelwood v. more here.

1989: Texas v. more here.


1992: RAV v. City of St. more here.

1994: Campbell v. Acuff-Rose more here.

1997: Rice v. Paladin more here.


2001: Lorillard v. more here.

2001: The Patriot Act.

2003: Tim Wu (At the time a University of Virginia Law School Professor) coins the          terms net more here.

2009: Sonia Sotomayor appointed first Latinx justice to the SCOTUS.


2010: Citizens United v. Federal Elections more here.

2014: Jan. – Federal appeals strikes down FCC pro-net neutrality more          here.

2014: Nov. – The FCC under the Obama reclassifies the internet as a          telecommunications service, thus preserving net more here.

2018: Dec. – The FCC votes to repeal Obama-era net neutrality more          here.

2018: Oct. – Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck. SCOTUS agrees to hear          this case. The case will decide whether the First Amendment applies to          privately operated public access venues such as television stations and social          media more here.